Question about chicken eggs and turkey incubating?


11 Years
Mar 28, 2008
So I made a boo boo and bid and bought some turkey eggs before my chicken eggs are ready to hatch. My chic eggs will hatch on Monday but we will get turkey eggs this week sometime. Can a do both at the same time-hatching and incubating? Pull the air plugs and with the humidity?

One more thing I must explain better- I have 7 more days till hatch date-Im adding the turkey eggs late.. Will this effect the eggs-still havent recieved the turkey eggs yet.

thanks again.
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as far as i know chicken eggs can stay in out of incubation for week or so and still be fine so i think that turkey eggs would be the same. i would probably wait because i asume that humidity and temps might be different and you dont want the chics that are hatching to be rolling your turkey eggs around and possibly hurting them. but im no expert thats just what i would do.
I tried it a few months back, chicks came out fine..did not get any turkeys...I would post on here and on that you need to borrow an incubator for about 10 days...that's what I did this time and got a bunch of chicks hatched over the weekend so I am getting ready to return the borrowed one. If that fails, call your local 4-H office (google if you don't know where it is) explain the situation and they may be able to help. They have loners for 4-H members.

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