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12 Years
Jan 22, 2008
I feel like a first time mama who is worried about everything being normal, even poop.

Anyway, what is normal consistancy of poop for chick that 5 days old? Some have thick 'log' type poop and others have runnier, paste like poop. Should I be worried? Are they both normal or an indication that something is wrong? they have only had chick crumbles and water.
Everyone appears to be doing well, eating, drinking, running around. The runnier poop is more like the duck's, while some come out in logs, I didn't know if these were constipated or what. Thanks for the reply and I don't know if I've told you before or not, but the horse in your avatar is just beautiful. Is it a halflinger?
Just to prepare you, sometimes they even have a really runny poo and that is normal too. There is a name for it but I can't remember it. I was getting ready to post a runny poo Q a few days ago and the board had alot of them already on here. I read those posts and learned it was normal to have an "odd" poo once in awhile. Just so long as the chicks seem healthy otherwise apparently poo formation is not so impotantant. I guess as long as they are acting normal, having poos and they aren't sticking to their little heinies than we basically shouldn't worry. Do a search for runny poo or diarrhea if you are still concerned though.
Well I kinda was worried about the chicks that were having the log poops. I wanted to make sure they weren't constipated. But thank you, it makes me feel better knowing that it is 'normal'
I freaked out (I truly did) about this issue too! I learned that it is completely normal for them to have those kind of poos. My chicks are 16 days old and are still having runny poos once in awhile. I wish they would stop because they stink!!! Could anyone shed some light on when the runny chickie poos will go away or will this continue even as adults?
Some of mine do that too, shuffle backwards and raise their wings
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