Question about chicks


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8 Years
Feb 21, 2011
My chicks all have nice greenish/with a little white spot here or there poop. BUT A couple of my Barred Plymouth Rocks are pooping brown soft wet stuff. There is something wrong with them isn't there?
I asked that and apparantly it is cecal droppings and they do it every 6-10 poops. If it is everytime, it might be a problem, but it is normal to do it every 6-10 stools.

It is real smelly!
Thank you for the reply! And another thing thar bothers me is that a few of my other chicks (EE, BPR, BO) are eating it! Is that normal?

I just know that I am going to mess this up somehow and my sweet little things won't make it.
That's normal poop.

If you see streaks of red in it that means cocci. Otherwise, they are ok.

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