Question about collecting eggs for broody hen


10 Years
Jan 1, 2010
I have a broody BLRW hen and would like to collect eggs from a few of my other hens to put under question is where do I keep the eggs until I have the amount of eggs I would like to have her hatch? In the refrigerator or room temp? I did a search and did not find the answer.....

Thanks to any of you that have done this and have any answers for me!
Room temp! Placing the eggs in the refrigerator will cool them down too much which essentially prevents fertilized eggs from any further development.
I agree room temp. Also, I don't know how important this is, but I treat eggs to go under a broody the same way I would eggs to be artificially incubated - no washing, so no using very dirty eggs to start with. Also, I put them in an egg carton and tilt the carton several times a day.
I think the best answer is something like 50 degrees -- but who has that around the house ny more?

I've read that some do keep them in the refrig, just a warmer section of it. I just keep mine on the kitchen counter, up to a week, usually turning once or twice a day. Good fertility with this so far (I haven't done a lot of this.)
THANKS to all of you for the quick replies!

Okay - will keep them in a carton on the counter.....I should have enough eggs in a couple of days.....I know this sounds like a stupid question but about the turning...put them in the carton big end up? I just flip the entire carton over a couple of a times a day? Or is there a secret to turning eggs that I need to know? Obviously this is my first time to put eggs under a broody huh?

Oh and 50F is pretty much our outside temp right now!

Gotta love late May in the PNW!! GRRRR! or is that BRRRRR????
What I was taught by a hatchaholic - big end up. I find something a couple of inches high to use to tilt the carton. For some reason a roll of duct tape always happens to be handy. I stick the roll under one end of the carton and then swap it to the other end in the evening.

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