Question about Compost Pile and Poop


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Nov 29, 2009
I have a plastic garden composter by my garden that is now full to the top with chicken poop.

I have a second compost site behind the garage that the chickens have access to. So far I just throw fruit and veg scraps there where there was already a pile of old composting woodchips and leaves.

I need a new place to put chicken poo since the plastic bin is full. If I add some layers of poo to the pile behind the garage, is that unhealthy for the chickens to pick through then?

I hate to make a third pile, but I was thinking that might be best, so that the poo is not in the *snack* compost.


My girls scratch through the "poo" compost. I figure it's not too much different when they are in their coop/run scratching around and eating food that has fallen out of the feeders. Haven't had any health problems with them.
Thanks! Good to know. It's kind of a big compost area, so maybe I can do the poo to one side and the scraps to the other as well.
I use the deep litter method in my coop so the girls get treats strewn on the floor and scratch like crazy thru poop and wood shavings! They are quite healthy and enjoy the work that comes with the yummies. They should be fine, I would think, but be observant and watch for illness. Good luck!
I put the poo around the edge of our "snack" compost so that the girls aren't totally immersed in it, but I can stir it in when it's time to turn the compost. I don't know if that's an option for you.
I just put mine all together. I have 2 4x4 foot sides in my compost bin. We fill one side and use from the other. By the time we use up one side, the other one is ready and we rotate. I put veggies, leafs, chicken poo and horse poo all together.

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