question about coons common sense?

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    they arent top predators I have a 90 pound dog that killed one really quick over the summer do they learn what predators to avoid and get some sort of sense into them of what is really dangerous? Like in the wild they stay away from wolves and cougars. Even when the dogs aren't there?
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    Mar 27, 2013
    I would think so. Especially if the dog is marlin the area. I had a lot of coons at my house and after I got my male lab, the numbers significantly reduced. I don't know if me shooting a lot of them had anything to do with it though.. I see them here and there on my game camera but I would like to think they would stay away for the most part if they came across a larger predators marked area (ie your dog). I know coons are a lot smarter than what people give them credit for but then again, a friend had one eat a lightbulb out of their garbage..
  3. centrarchid

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    The learn form experience and probably what mother teaches them. Mother when encountering something she does not like acts very different as she gets kits moving in a different direction. If scent based, kits can surely remember based on mothers reaction that something associated with a particular threat is bad. There is a learning curve as well for individuals. I have raccoons that occasionally come up holler towards poultry yard. Dogs get into them and at very least maul them a bit, sometimes actually catching and killing one. The raccoons only seem to come up that way once every six months or so therefore they must be learning where not to go if dogs are to be avoided.

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