Question about Cornish Rock chicks.

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by chickenlver2013, Feb 25, 2014.

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    Ok, yesterday I had bought 2 Cornish Rocks, along with 2 Buff Brahma and 6 Speckled Sussex. So, I know Cornish Rocks are for meat purpose only, but can you take care of them like you do normal chickens? I've never had cornish rocks before, so I had a go at it. How long do they live? Why do they have heart attacks?
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    Cornish X were bred specifically as a commercial meat bird. They were designed to grow VERY quickly in a short amount of time. They often develop health problems,such as arthritis, because of their size. I've actually heard stories of birds' legs breaking because they couldn't support the weight. Normal commercial plants will usually butcher at around 8 weeks. You could try to keep them, but you will probably have to control their diet if you want them to live a longer life.
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    Some one on here keeps them alive for years I believe.
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    There have been a few threads on folks keeping them alive up to the one year mark, and a few beyond that. It takes intense food management and a lot of free ranging.

    Since they're bred to gain weight so fast, and to be butchered at 8 weeks, their long term health has never been a concern to the meat bird industry. The excessive weight can lead to leg issues--they just can't support the sheer mass of the bird, especially those huge breasts everyone loves to eat---plus things like fluid in the abdominal cavity and congestive heart failure.

    It may take some creative use of the search function, but if you spend some time you can find posts about folks keeping them as pets.

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