Question about Cornish rock cross meat birds at county fair

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by stephanie1992, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. two years ago foster farms donated 100 baby chicks to me and my friends to show at our county fair. the judge liked them with bright yellow legs and liked a meaty bird. ours got to about 6 pounds but there legs never turned yellow. we went to fair and other schools had the same birds from foster farms and all had white legs except for one school. we r only allowed to show meat birds from foster farms and they have to all be the same age. these birds looked older. they were bigger and heavyer than ours. and there legs where bright yellow. this school always get champion meat birds. i asked one student from that school how they made the birds so big and made the legs yellow. she told me to feed yellow corn for coloring the legs yellow and feed turkey broiler feed to make them bigger. something there just dont seem right to me. u cant change a birds leg color can u? and ur not suppose to feed turkey feed to them. i think this school is showing differnt, older birds and is getting away with it. this was two years ago. i dont show for FFA anymore. but ive been thinking about this since. soo what do u think??

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