Question about difference in fawn/white runners.

Rosebud 18

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Jul 10, 2010
middle Tn
These are my little runners. The first 2 are fawn/white from my first order and the next picture is of fawn/white from my order 2 weeks later and last picture is of fawn/white, white and penciled runners. My question is why is there such a difference in the color of the fawn/white. They are from different compaines.


My fawn and white started off a decent darkness of fawn. Now she's been sun bleached (so has the chocolate one lol). She's very light fawn where she's fawn now.
From what I have been able to read on F&W coloration, is that there are two different types as well. The American Fawn and White (which is lighter), and then I guess the original fawn and white. Here is one explaination of the difference, although I am not sure if it applies in your case or not, just something I came across:
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Thanks for the site aduckstolemyheart.
The lighter colored ones are from Metzers and the darker ones are from Holderreads. I do like the lighter color ones the best and they are much more friendly.

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