Question about Embden Gander and Muscovy ducks

Discussion in 'Geese' started by Miss Lydia, Mar 17, 2012.

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    I have an Embden gander and no other goose, he mates with my muscovy ducks and has for almost 5 years, but I haven't let them sit on any eggs till last year and we had 1 muscovy duckling hatch. He is pure Muscovy. But I am going to let my Cochin Bantam sit on 3 Muscovy eggs because she is so broody I just gave into her, My question is can these eggs still be viable since my gander has been breeding with these ducks? or will they even hatch at all. Last year he had 1 duck as his mate but this year he has taken on 2 more so he has been mating with 3 of the ducks and I have no idea whos eggs belong to who. Should I just take the eggs out from under my bantam and forget about trying to hatch anything. I don't want deformed babies. Thank you for your advise.

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    Muscovy are genetically closer to geese then ducks, Muscovy ducks can breed with mallard type ducks and make sterile offspring.

    Someone here had a keet+chicken cross?

    so it's possible.

    It would likely be very quiet, very large, very tame and very meaty- not laying many eggs at all.

    Pictures if you get something?
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    I have never heard of a muscovy/goose cross - not to say that they do not exist. I would let the bantam give it a go - she may or may not go the necessary time period, but you have nothing to lose. IF there were hybrids? I doubt that they would be deformed.
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    Thank you both, she seems pretty determined and she has always been a great broody and mama.. So we'll see what happens.

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