Question about family breeding in ducks

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by m496, Oct 30, 2011.

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    Aug 20, 2011
    Ok, I will put this as clear as possible, though it may sound confusing! hahah. Anyways, it won't be for a while until I incubate some duck eggs, but I was wondering about something. As some of you probably know, I am getting a pair (male and female) of mini silver apps. next week. So, now lets jump ahead a bit, to where I am incubating eggs that came from these two ducks. Ok, now lets say that only 3 eggs hatched which are female, and not male. Once these females grow up, I would like to put them with their mom and dad. But my question is, if the dad breeds with his daughters, but I never use the eggs for hatching purposes, will that be ok? I will probably just keep the original two (dad and mom) for hatching eggs until I bring in some new blood lines ......

    Thank you!
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    Actually, if you've ever read about "a line" of ducks in a breed? that means they use a bit of interbreeding to help foster good features in that "line". When all your ducks are grown, they won't care or know the difference between mom, dad, or any other duck, and it won't hurt anything if your sire drake covers his own offspring, as long as he has good features as a breeder. I personally would mix it up for the third generation though. The thing with inbreeding is that the more you combine the same set of genes, the more likely you are to pull the defects in those genes out of the grab bag.

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    Quote:Thats fine. Its not gonna hurt anyone. Good luck!

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