question about feeding a hen housed with babies


10 Years
Jul 29, 2009
i have an adult cochin that i keep with my 6 week old babies.what is the best way to feed them all what they are suppose to have and keep them out of what they aren't suppose to have.thanks for any advice.
I feed all my layers chick feed (non-med) then when they lay I just add
oyster shell. That way I do not have to worry about the chicks and youngster getting what they are not suppose to have. Layers do just fine with that along with the roos.
Yeap.. my vet said that. He said the only real diff between layer and chick is the calcium level and the layers need that. So just put out oyster shell when needed. Now I feed Gamebird chick starter grower as its higher in protein at his recommendations. An I have not lost but only two chicks out of 110 this year since I raise the protein level by using gamebird instead of just regular chick starter.
they don't eat it. they seem to know when its time..same with the layers you will see some just gobble it up and others bearly touch it. They know if they need it. just keep it free choice.. don't mix in feed. Put it in a different bowl or feeder.

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