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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by imtc, Jan 29, 2011.

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    I have had a broody for several weeks and finally gave her some fertile eggs to sit on. (3 total). 1 hatched yesterday and another this morning...still waiting on the 3rd. She is kept in a coop with 12 other full grown hens and has them under her in the nest box. When should I be giving the chicks starter feed? and should I seperate them from mama or them and mama from the rest of the girls? I haven't seen them leave the nest was thinking I may be able to put a little dish of crumbles next to mom for them to eat and some shallow water? Just not sure how to care for them for the next couple of days while giving time for the 3rd egg to hatch. Tonight I just took them away from mama for a little while to give them food in a seperate area but would really like to keep them with her if possible. I've never had hatches before...usually just buy chicks and house them seperate until old enough to integrate. What should I be doing as far as feeding the chicks (how often do they need to eat or keep food constantly available?) and do I need to worry about that now or by day 3? (I know they ship with no food right?) Anyway, just not sure. Hopefully I made

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    If they are safe from other predators in the run then I would say it's a matter of choice. I have left chicks with mom and in the same pen with other hens and had no problem at all. I even had them in the same pen with the roo and he would catch bugs and give to them without any problems, but then some times you may have a mean hen that might go after the chicks. So it's just a matter of what you want to do. When I have them together I just make sure there is food and water that they can get to.

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