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    Jun 3, 2016
    This last week, I brought a hen in to check her out because she had a wet bottom, feathers below the vent stay sappy and moist. It was the second day that I thought she might have yeast and not just a wet stool. Hiding in her feathers below the vent, I found a nasty ugly wound full of maggots. I was her thoroughly and soaked her in a warm saline bath. I made sure all the maggots were out and cleansed the would with a mild peroxide solution and then flushed with saline. She had just started acting a little mopey that day, but was still eating and drinking well. I only have 5 hens and the others were not bothering her at all. I left them together and over the next two days, I flushed the wound 3 times daily with the peroxice/saline combo. She started feeling better the very next day, though she is taking rest periods away from the others a couple times a day. These girls were raised from chicks together and they hang tight most of the time. Since the first cleaning, the would has started to dry up and is about 1/3 the size that it started out as. She is eating good and drinking good. hangs with the other girls most of the day. She stays in the coup a little later in the morning, resting a bit after the others go out. Then she gets to regular picking for a while. She is still preening and moving about well during the day.

    My concern is the tissue just below the wound. I haven't taken an updated picture, I just have the first really terrifying ones with the maggots. The would is dry with necrotic tissue in the center. The skin below the wound remains reddened. She is really good about letting me flush the wound. I am wondering if there is possibly a powder that would sooth or help heal the tissue that is so red.......if in fact it is possible to heal it. Would a nystatin powder help if I could get it? I appreciate any help that any one has. I am a bit weary to take her to the vet. I live out in the country and the two chickens that I took to the vet, both died. Our vet openly admits that he is not a poultry vet. So I am trying to treat her with good care at home.

    The maggots are visible in this is not pretty

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