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I have 12 chickens and there is one out of the twelve that just goes crazy whenever I walk outside and will follow me around and let me pick her up, the others are friendly too but will squack if I grab onto them. Well, she is a golden sex-link and I am really fond of her but I realized I don't know hardly anything about golden sex-link. I googled and it wasn't very clear either. Can anyone explain to me exactly what a golden sex-link is? What hen and rooster make her and just anything noteworthy about the breed. I would love to know. sex link/7crazyclays/DSC02175.jpg

this is not my chicken but this is the general idea on what the breed looks like.
I'm interested in Gold Sex Links too. They are said to be amazing layers. I 2nd the notion to check out other threads on this where a lot has been said by folks in the know. Sex Links are not actually a breed, it's more an umbrella term meaning chicks can be sexed at birth by their markings/colors and there is no way to know what the parents were for sure without contacting the breeder. However Gold Sex Links are commonly made by crossing a Rhode Island White hen with a Rhode Island Red rooster or a White Rock hen with a New Hampshire Red rooster. They are a sex linking hybrid and thus will not breed true because as stated before, they aren't actually a breed. Just a little genetic marvel that can be sexed at birth with that hybrid vigor! Glad to hear your enjoy yours!
Here is one of my Gold Stars...a Red Sex link...




(sunning her self)

I am getting nice eggs and they are very friendly...
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Lovely birds. I get an egg a day without fail and they're very nice (to me... not so much to my younger pullets, but they're warming up). I prefer the name "cinnamon queen".
I think the answer to the question about the parent stock of the goldens is as varied as the names given to the sex-links.
I had golden sexlinks and red sexlinks last year and could not tell them apart when completely grown.
I did notice that the goldens were friendly as youngsters than the reds, so i assumed the adult hens that were friendly were the golds.
A Red Sexlink is most commonly a Rhode Island Red rooster x Rhode Island White hen, resulting in reddish pullets and white cockerels.

Red Sexlinks go by a lot of different trade names, such as Golden Sexlink, Gold Star, Cinnamon Queen, Golden Comet, Red Star, etc. But they all pretty well look the same and share the same characteristics.

They're bred to be awesome layers of big brown eggs.
Agree with the info above about sex and otherwise. It is the genetic manipulation of the colors that follow the chromosomes so that the red goes to the females and the white goes to the males.

In a number of the hatcheries, a Buff Orpington is the gold parent (always the father) while the RIR White or even Delaware the silver parent (always the hen).

That is why they are Gold Stars or Gold Sexlinks, because of the gold heritage. And that's why I think some of them tend to be friendlier, taking on the Buff Orp personality.

But that is only one formula from some hatcheries. In other hatcheries, there is little difference between a RLS and GSL.

I really like the line of GSL I get in my area. They are always sweet and lay terra cotta colored eggs. Hardy. Prolific. I try to keep part of my flock in them.

I like them so much that I bred a GSL hen to my Barnevelder rooster and the egg color passed to her daughter (along with lovely gold hackles). I bred that daughter back to my Barney, and have ended up with a lovely Barnevelder looking hen who is coming up to point of lay....I'm very excited to see the color that she will lay.

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