Question about grit


10 Years
May 15, 2009
Shenandoah Valley
I have not been offering grit to my chickens and I have had them for a month now. BUT-in the run area where they spend their days there is an area of gravel that runs the length of the building. Does this suffice? It is gravel that varies in size from marble size down to sand. I have noticed there are rocks in their food, like they (the chickens) put there. Is this just their way of putting grit in their food?? Interested in knowing more about grit....
Chickens need grit to grind their food. If they are only eating feed or soft foods, then don't need it. If they are eating grasses etc, then they need it. If they free-range or have sand etc in their run, they should be fine without adding more. Mine roam the yard all day and I've probably only given them two handfuls here and there since spring.

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