Question about grocery store eggs


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Mar 4, 2010
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Can you hatch farm fresh free range eggs you buy at a grocery store? I saw some in the isle the other day and just randomly thought of it
Ummmmmmm not so sure, I know some eggs may say they might be feritile. I know 1 person who hatched an egg from a store and that was Justino. It was a white leg horn, but a roo so he had to get rid of it.
I think it would be highly unlikely that you could hatch eggs from the store. At least from some of the major chains. The Best By date on the carton is from the day they were packed not the date they were collected. You might be able to hatch some from an organic type store or farmers market if you really know they are fresh. Most of production eggs though are layed by hens in a small cage with no contact with a rooster. Just my thoughts

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