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Ok, I have 5 chicks hatched of my 16(day 20) so far but I have a question.

1st One looks like it did not absorb the yoke( is that possible?) It has something dark in the shell still. I put it back in the shell hoping maybe it would absorb it????

2nd one has been hatched and is just hanging out in the shell for like 3 or 4 hrs now. Is that normal? The top is off the shell and it is looking around but?

3rd One that hatched this morn. seems to have a rough navel(I think that is what it is called) it is still peeping but not real lively. Is it going to die?

Thanks for any help I can get.
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Sounds like maybe temps were just a wee bit high. The dark thing in the shell is probably the bag of wastes from growing into a chick. The yolk sac is yellow and would be sticking out of the chick had it been not adsorbed.

Don't worry about that second one, let it take it's time and rest. It can take a day or so to get up on their feet.

The rough navel should get "asorbed" and heal up within a day or so.

Sounds like hatch is being active. From this point on, I wouldn't open the bator any more than necessary as keeping the humidity up will be important for the rest of the chicks to hatch out.

I try not to intervene or pull chicks out till day 22.
Thank you for your help and here is an update.

Well, the chick with the rough navel did fine so far and it did suck it up. But, the one with the dark stuff in the shell did die
Had one that started leaking yoke and it died too but the last three are doing great!


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