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    (The question's near the middle/bottom, sorry, got to rambling :D ) actually, I'll bold it and from there on's related in case you don't wanna hear the stories :p


    This should maybe be in a different section since it's not really a "problem" but I figured I'd ask here.

    So first of all we had a hawk problem a few months back but no one was injured and no issues since.

    Well anyway, a couple days ago a huge hawk or perhaps osprey, i think hawk, flew from the back yard to the front yard and was screaming, being chased and harrassed by some little birds, maybe sparrows or something, idk, they were small, but they were making attack sounds too, and the hawk wasnt doing the hunting screech, more crying lol

    Was funny to see. Anyway, I had just gotten home so I went to check on the girls and i think they were hidong smart girls.

    Well right now as I'm typing I hear, and now see, a screeching hunting hawk.

    But that's not the question or a problem.

    I knew he was here, just flew through the backyard and into the trees. Then a coulle minutes later started screeching and circling back over the yard/woods. I think it's hunting over the cranberry bogs or over the woods surrounding us. Bogs are across the street so idk but yeah.

    I think he's gone now and the girls don't seem to be affected and they didn't hide at all, seemed a little bit curious when he flew by the first time and went silent lookong at him, but ignored the screeches. They are in the run so maybe know they are safe, idk, but I'd like them to be scared of hawks......

    Gator didn't care either but got a little interested when I kept saying hawl and he heard all the screeching.

    But anyway, sorry for all the rambling and random stuff.

    The question is can hawks be tagged or similar?

    Because the one that flew by first of all was HUGE and pretty low but I noticed these things that didn't look natural.

    There were these things sticking out sideways from both legs or what I think was the legs.

    Almost like zip ties or something that someone didn't cut the ends out? They were sticking straight out horizontally.

    The one that just circled I didn't see these and it seemed smaller so it might not have been the same hawk but it was also up a lot higher in the air and I didn't look at it's feet. And it'd be a little coincidental to see 2 hawks within minutes of each other.

    But can hawks be tagged or collared or whatever? And if they do tag hawks would they leave stuff sticking out like that? Do they even tag hawks? Now that I think about it, they're not endangered i dont think so they probably don't right?

    Could it have gotten caught on something?

    It seemed perfectly healthy though.

    And maybe it didn't have something on its legs but I've seen A LOTof hawks and this is the first time i remember something like this
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    Yes. Raptors can be and are sometimes tagged. Simple identification tags are usually leg bands or wing tags. Satellite tracking tags have a thin antenna and can be on the legs. Though lightweight, they can affect flight so a second (dummy) tag is sometimes placed on the opposite leg for balance. More common though are satellite tags that are attached to a harness that the bird wears. The tracker is in the middle of the back with the antenna pointing towards the tail. The harness is Teflon but some species can tear through it, hence why you sometimes see placement of the tracker on the leg.
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    Hmmm, I didn't notice any harness and it appeared to be facing sideways towards the wings rather than tail. Could it have migrated from somewhere else? It was a red tailed hawk. Never really seen any other kinds around here though I'm sure they exist. Thanks for all the help and sorry the post was so unnecessarily long/didn't get to the point, I have a bad habit of doing that haha
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    Could be jesses from an escaped hunting hawk...people do catch, house, train, and use them for hunting.
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    Agreed. Call your local DNR Office and report it. Sounds like someone lost their falconry hawk and I am sure they are desperate to get her back. Falconry is tight-knit, highy regulated group, they would have reported a lost bird.
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    Thanks! I thought about that but then I wasn't sure how common falconry was around here but I guess if you're not in it, it might not be spoken of much, and the bird could have traveled I guess. Or even if it wasn't a falconry bird and was just a tagged bird, I sure they'd be interested to know she ended up here. So I'll definitely report it. Thanks :)

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