Question about Heat Stroke Recovery

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    Hi there. I think that one of my buffs had a heat stroke yesterday afternoon as it was 104 degrees here in Texas. When I found her she was very lethargic and panting. Unfortunately it looks like the other girls had been pecking on her head, as there is a bloody spot next to her comb. I was able to get her to drink water and cooled her down. We put her in a dog crate on our back porch in the shade last night and watched her for sevearl hours and she seemed to revive but was still pretty tired. She did continue to drink water and ate some food. I wasn't sure if she would make it through the night, but she did. This morning I have added vitamins and an antibiotic to the water and treated the spot on her head. Her eye on that side is partially closed though and she is still sitting. Just wondering if it is normal for her to still be sitting or should I be trying to get her to stand? She is eating and drinking and talking again today, so I do see signs of improvement but didn't know what the normal timeline is for recovery. I also hope that her head will heal and she can still use the eye on that side. She will be kept separate from the flock for a while.
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    Aug 5, 2013
    I think you should keep on doing that and when you're ready to put her the flock keep an eye on her. Remember to have water for them and shade because that's one of the main reasons why chickens get heat stress. They can't sweat.
    But keep up with your work it's great! :thumbsup

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