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    Jun 9, 2011
    I have two hens that are 22 weeks. My RIR is laying. The other one, the Barred Rock, is not. My question is about the RIR. She doesn't have a consistent laying time. The first two eggs came at 2 o'clock in the afternoon each day. Then, the next day she layed at 7:30 in the evening. The next day she didn't lay at all. The day after that she layed around 10 am. It's almost 2 pm here and no egg today. Is this normal? I've never owned chickens before so I have no idea. Do most chickens lay around the same time everyday or is it always a surprise? I live in FL where it is 90 degrees here today, even though it is Sept. 30th, so I don't want to leave the eggs in the coop too long. So, I feel like I am always checking for an egg. Also, shouldn't the Barred Rock be laying by now? She definitely does the "squat". Oh, and just in case anyone asks, I haven't heard any "hen songs" either. So I get no indication from her when she's laid. THanks for the help!
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    Not to worry, new hens are never on time. They lay when the the egg is done.
    Also daylight hours are getting shorter and that also makes a difference.
    And unless the egg has a chance of freezing it will be ok in the coop for a day or so.
    Some hens will be ready to lay and you can go into the coop and they will jump off the nest
    and not come back to lay till the next day.
    Best thing to do is get into a routine, then she will also.

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