Question about location of incubators & blood rings?

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    I keep having a lot of blood rings forming in my eggs, and I was wondering if the location of the incubators could be to blame? I have my incubators in the spare bedroom, which also 'houses' the various chicks that I have bought/hatched. Of course, due to the brooders, it is pretty dusty in there. Could this be part of the problem? I have a hova 1583, and 2 LG's, one forced air for incubating, and one still air for hatching.

    I have been getting many eggs that get to around day 10-14 and then quit, or they go till they move to the hatcher then quit. And of course, there are those that barely even get started and quit. So what gives?
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    I sapose thats possible all the chickies and there dust and there poop , Im shure someone who knows more then me will pipe up soon .
    How do you clean the bators?
    Do you wash youre hands every time you handle the bator or eggs?
    Where are you getting the eggs from?
    How long have you been useing youre bators?
    How close are the chicks and the brooders to the eggs?
    I guess youre best bet would be to wash them out super dooper good and put them in a diffrent area and see if that helps.
    Good luck,[​IMG]

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