Question about midget white turkey baby!


8 Years
Feb 11, 2011
Hey there.. tomorrow I am going to pick up an 8 day old midget white turkey and I am so excited! This will be my first turkey and the only thing I am unsure on is the diet. I keep googling and googling and can't find my answer. So, I fed my chicken a starter growth formula. Is that good to feed my turkey or no? I spoke to the guy at my local feed store.. he was very nice.. but I want to check. He said that was find to feed my turkey right now. And, if it is not.. what should I be feeding her? Also, then the question of medicated and unmedicated for both my chicken and turkey? They are strictly pets; will never be used for food. What is everyone's opinion? And, if anyone has advice or thoughts on anything else, let me know.. as to this is my first turkey! Thank you!
Turkeys usually need a higher protein feed for bone growth than the regular chick feed, but I'm not sure if the same applies to the midget varieties.
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You need to feed a turkey/gamebird starter.

Also, turkey poults are flock birds. Get at least two or three poults. Or get some baby chicks to raise with it. The baby chicks can eat the turkey starter.

Alright, sounds good. I am at work today and tomorrow is Mardi Gras.. my feed stores are closed. Will it be okay for the turkey to eat the chicken formula for 1-2 days?
In a pinch, they can eat cornmeal. Would not feed flour to a chick/poult. Baby chick feed will do till you can get some gamebird feed. With just one or two poults it will last a LONG time!

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