Question about mixing crested polish with other standard birds

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by veronica2368, Jan 11, 2009.

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    Hello all,
    We are currently picking out our new hens we want from the mcmurray book. I am tempted to order a crested polish, but I am wondering if it will get along with everyone else because it is different. Should it have a same breed companion?
    Thanks for the help.
    Veronica [​IMG]
  2. Ya know, I never really thought about it. I have had problems with some of the flock picking at the heads of some of the polish.

    Of course, I think polish are not really that hardy of a bird.

    Unless it is a full grown polish roo.

    The exoctic polish like the white top notches and such seem to be always running from the other roos.

    I only have the silver and golden polish hens and roos left now, the rest have died off or have been pecked on.

    Here are some pics of the roos when they get to maturity so you know what to expect.



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    I have a Polish, and she is the most obnoxious- so, she is named after my husband. I keep her with my Silkie, two Seramas, three buff orps, and a turken bantam and Old English game hen, and a Golden Comet.

    Everyone gets along for the most part. Except for two of my Buffs that seem to pick on one of the Seramas. ( that behavior has been their ticket to leave- I am giving those two to my brother in law once winter is over).

    My Polish is the loudest bird I own, but she makes up for it by her comical behavior. I tried to have more than one, but she was the only one that hatched and lived. I don't think i would order more on purpose, because she lays eggs only sporadically and is so loud- but if some were to come in a mixed batch, i would welcome them.
  4. Bec

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    I LOVED our polish! She was so sweet and had a foot fetish! She loved flip flops and would follow you anywhere just so she could get a glimpse of your flippys!

    Unfortunately, she fell pray to an un-known predator. She free ranged with the rest of the flock and was one of about 7 that would fly over the fence out of the yard. My guess is that it was a fox. She was very trusting of furry, 4-legged animals and with her limited vision probably mistook Mr.Fox for a friendly cat or dog.

    So I would recommend not letting them free range, with limited vision, they fall pray very easily!

    I miss my Lauren [​IMG]
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    I have a pair of white crested black polish in the same coop/run with all my other birds, Orp hen and roo, RIRs, Barred rocks and a blue rock hen.

    Everyone gets along well until the polish roo starts getting bossy with the younger RIRs, then the orp roo sets him straight by removing a feather or two from his head.

    The orp roo even occasionally does his dance around the polish hen, trying to impress her.

    My polish couple spend most of the days in the coop while all the other birds are outside in the run.

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