Question about my new pregnant goat


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8 Years
Jul 17, 2011
I just bought a new goat. She is supposed to be pregnant but I am having serious doubts and the previous owner is swearing she is. She said she could see and feel the baby moving in her. But when i go to rub her big ol tummy, it feels hollow to me like maybe she is just big. How exactly can I tell? Otherwise I doubt Ill be getting a refund for this one.
Oh, if you are on Backayard Herds, BYCs sister site (one of them), they can definitely give you a lot of information regarding goats and pregnancy. Like the name of the company that you can send a blood sample to for pregnancy testing which can determine for sure if she is!
It is really hard to tell if a goat is bred or not. Many times people aren't sure until the goat either bags up or has the kids.
Two of my nannies had kids in December and it wasn't obvious until the last 2 weeks before they kidded.
Part of the reason is that goats get big bellies while digesting their food. You can be convinced they are carrying triplets in the evening and then scratching your head in the
How far along is she supposed to be?

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