Question about my temp in my Brinsea Oct 20

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Hawkeye95, Feb 5, 2012.

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    I tried the official thread and no one is there-- and I REALLY need an answer!! My machine is brand new-- got it for xmas. Took it out the box a couple of days ago and turned it on. The glass therm attached to the lid read 101. So I adjusted it down to read 100. I did see where people said that the egg tray would read lower (or correctly with the glass therm at 100). After adjusting it yesterday, I let it sit there all day and all night. It still read 100 this morning. So I loaded the eggs in. Came home from church and now it reads 101 again!?!?! What??? Why would the temperature rise after it had been fine for nearly a whole day? I did have to stick a wadded up paper towel in one row because there are only two eggs in that row-- and i didnt' want them falling over. That is the only thing I can think of that is 'wrong'. I don't have a digital temp-- I bought one a few days ago on Amazon and it won't be here for a couple more days. Will the eggs be okay? Do I dare adjust the temp now??
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    Aug 17, 2011
    I have read several times people saying that you have to ignore the temperature for the first 24 hours after you put eggs in as it will change.
    I am sorry that i can't be more help, hopefully some one with more experience is able to come along and help you.
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    I'm hazarding an educated and experienced guess the temperature rose because the eggs cooled down the interior of the incubator, causing the heater to come on to raise it. Don't worry too much about 101 for the first couple of days; adjust it after at least 24 hours after setting the eggs. The eggs have to come to temp all the way through and it's a gentle rise, not a huge temp spike. THOSE you have to worry about, but not usually with Brinsea products. (I have six of them, 3 Mini and 3 Octagon units, but I use the Advance EX models of each so I don't have to muck with the temps and humidity - the Advance EX models take care of that for you.)

    Good luck on your hatch!
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    Okay, thank you both! I feel better and will be watching to see what the machine does today. :)

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