Question about owls (lost a hen)


11 Years
Jul 24, 2008
Hamilton C. FL
Last night my chickens were freaking out and I went out to investigate. I found a hen with her head cleanly severed off. Just like someone had cut her head/neck off with a pair of scissors.
She was roosting in a tree and there was very little feathers on the ground. My first thought was a raccoon but I would imaging the wound would look gnawed off.

So my question. Do owls bite off the head and neck?

I looked around online and they didn't have much info on owl attacks.
Since a few of my chickens roost in trees, i'm going to buy a strobe light and place it on top of the coops.
We already have lights and a radio that runs all night.


10 Years
May 7, 2009
Oak Grove
Yes, your hen was a victim of an owl attack.A coon will take the head off too,but usually will eat the breasts als:hmmwl's will take them from trees,if your coop in not closed at night they will walk right in.They will swoop down in an uncovered pen also.Next to coons,owl's have killed more of my chickens than anything else.

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