Question about prolapse vent


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Apr 16, 2019
Centre of Italy
Hi all! :frow
8 days ago I found my chicken Mì with a pretty big prolapse vent. I tried to treat her keeping her in a dark place and tried to put the prolapse in more times. I finally did it: the prolapse has been inside since the 22th of July. She's still struggling a bit in doing the poop without making mess agian, but at the moment she's succeding: she layed two eggs and the prolapse is okay. I'm keeping finger crossed :fl
I wanted to know how many days i should keep her in dark now? thank you :caf
If she's laid normally twice since the prolapse stayed in, then it may be resolved. Some birds that prolapse, it's a one time thing, maybe an over large or mal-shaped egg. Other birds will prolapse again, some will do it a lot. If she's laid normally and all seems well, then I would just keep an eye on her.
thank you a lot! 🌸🌸🌸i think she is easy to develop this condition: she had a more little prolapse some months ago that was self-solved, now this..! i hope to be able to solve it in the future, too. :fl

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