Question about rooster behavior?

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    Will a rooster try to mount a hen well before she has reached maturity? I am new to chickens and still waiting for that first egg. I know I am getting closer but I think I still have a ways to go on my Ameraucana pullets. They are supposed to be around six months but they look younger to me. I have four wyandotte pullets that are four months old that look closer to laying but I saw my rooster (he is three years old) trying to mount one of the Ameraucana pullets the other day. She did not allow him to mount her but I was wondering if he would only attempt it if she is close to laying? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Generally, a rooster will start to mount a hen when she is within 2 weeks of laying. A young rooster, who doesn't know what he is doing yet, will mount a milk jug. An older rooster who has not had a hen in a while will mount a chick. But the general rule is about two weeks before laying.
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    Mounting is not only mating behavior. It is also dominance behavior. It is a good sign and your Ameraucanas are certainly old enough, but is not an absolute sign she is ready to lay. And don't put much into the pullet running away. If she had squatted, it would have been a very good sign, but a hen already laying will often try to run away from a rooster. With the ages, even if they are a bit younger than they are supposed to be, it should not be too much longer.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you so much for the replies. Love the milk jug comment [​IMG]. I know that the rooster is older but it has been a couple of weeks since he has been with laying hens so that may play a part in the behavior. The pullet was laying down when he tried to mount her but I don't think that it was an actual "squat". I think he was more trying to take "advantage" of the situtation. [​IMG] I would love it if we are within two weeks of an egg though. Part of the reason I got the older pullets was because I am getting impatient waiting that wait!
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    Quote:[​IMG] Sad, but true... [​IMG] That's why I prefer older roosters...
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    Quote:That. I have a 14 week old turken cockerel and a cornish X cockerel of the same age; besides my adult rooster. The two youngsters are suffering from testosterone poisoning right now. They spend their days trying to mate anything they can catch, but haven't succeeded yet. The result is a bunch of ticked off pullets.

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