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    Sep 9, 2008
    I was just reading another post who said that their rooster lets the hens eat scraps first. It reminded me that Ive been noticing that when I feed the chickens, the rooster always walks around and doesnt eat anything, while the girls are gobbling up everything in site. I thought he was just timid, but Im wondering if this is the natural instinct of roosters, to let their ladies eat first. Anyone know?
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    Quote:It's their instinct. The rooster wants to insure his legacy with chicks. He feeds the hens so that she can provide him with healthy offspring.
    My roo beak feeds his favorite hens. That is to say, he holds the food in his beak and allows his hens to take it from him. He's also always quick to call the girls if he finds something good to eat while foraging.
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    Ladies: Send this thread to the gents in your life!
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    AWWWWW that is so sweet....I wondered why roos did that I see they are being gentlemen sweet!! [​IMG]
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    Apr 3, 2009
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    I guess my roo needs to have an ettiqute check ! He fights all my ladies for food ! and scratches at it when they try to eat
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    I was just going to write about that!

    Today I was digging a vegitable bed, and the rooster was looking aroung in th dirt. He started making his "come here" noise, a deep, loud bocking. He had found a worm. My broody came over, with her nine babies, and he picked the worm up and dropped it in front of her.

    She started making her "come here" noise, to the babies, and she picked it up and dropped it for them. They jumped on it, and the rooster and the hen both stood and watched while the babies pulled this big fat worm apart.

    It was very neat to see. My roo also dances for his ladies.

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