Question about Rooster


7 Years
Mar 5, 2014
I am new to chickens with 8 pretty pullets (almost sure) that are are around 8 weeks old. They are still in the nursery tank most of the time - our weather here is cold at night. I put them in our run for a few hours on warm days and they do well there. My neighbor has a young rooster (about 3 months old) that he is going to give us when we are ready for it. The young rooster is with 18 or so hens and one old rooster and one young rooster. My question is this, will it be okay to put this young rooster who is older than my hens in with my hens when the hens are ready to be in their run all the time. How old do you think the hens should be before they meet the rooster. Will he harm them? Thanks.

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