Question about sexing and breeder vs. hatchery


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Apr 18, 2014
I have my first batch of chicks, 13 various breeds, purchased from a local "show breeder". Very pretty birds, but these chicks are straight run which I'm not thrilled about. What age can you determine if the chick is a pullet or cockerel? I don't intend to keep any cockerels. I want a certain number of each breed and I'm wondering if I should place an order of pullets from a hatchery now since they won't arrive for a while, rather than wait to find out the sexes of these. Or take a chance and get another batch of straight run from the same breeder and hope I get what I want? If 50% are pullets, that only leaves me with 6-7 chicks. Our coop will be very large and I wanted around 16, it can hold 24 at 4 sq. feet per chicken so if I end up with more that's fine. Opinions??


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Feb 21, 2010
Sparland IL
On most breeds you should be able to sex by around 4-6 weeks. Some colors are easier and earlier. Silkies are much harder. On striped chicks the males have messy head stripe and females a very neat stripe. In general the pullets grow tail feathers faster than males. I hope this helps.

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