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Hi. I am getting my first ever chickens next week. Today I went to the TSC to get supplies and didn't see any shavings. When I asked someone where they were they said outside and to just tell the cashier and then grab them on my way out. I asked her for shavings for the baby chicks and she rang it up. When I went outside there were 2 different kinds out there, so I matched the price on my receipt and grabbed those ones. When I got home I noticed it didn't say what kind of wood it was, it just says "100% Wood Shavings" The brand is TSC. Now I am overly paranoid because I am new to this and want to do everything right. Does anyone use this brand and know for sure if it is cedar free? Thanks so much for any info.
I have gotten shavings from TSC often and never had an issue. I'd say it is fine as long as it has no strong cedar smell or strong smell period to it. It's respiratory issues that are the danger in some shavings. Open the bag and air it out a little if you are still concered.
Me, too. I can't find straight pine shavings here. I always air them out by dumping them in a big container for a day or two, either outside or in another room.

The first week or so, I like to put paper towels on top of the shavings. It gives them traction and prevents eating of the shavings. After a week they are much more interested in dust bathing and playing in the shavings!
At my TSC, the "wood shavings" are in a white plastic bag, while the cedar shavings are in a clear plastic bag.

I've been using the "wood shavings" in the white bag and my chicks are doing fine (19 days old.... all still alive out of 53 from McMurray).
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Those "wood shavings" are cedar-I bought some having been told they were pine shavings(of course I couldn't see through the bag or smell them).
I guess it is a matter of personal choice, but i jettisoned them because the smell of the oils put off by cedar is supposed to be toxic to chickens.
I've used x3 bags and they have not been cedar. I guess though whoever is packaging the wood chips for them may use different sources/trees to make the wood chips and some of them might contain Cedar.
The lady at our local TSC told me that their "wood" shavings are pine, and assured me that they are cedar free, which was my main concern. Now that I am using it, I really like the quality.
Seems like we just had this discussion. I wonder if a search would have turned up the other thread.

I recently got some shavings from TSC, the white plastic bag TSC brand wood shavings. I asked a store worker for pine shavings and he directed me to that. When I got home and opened the bag they looked and smelled like pine shavings.

The other bags of wood shavings they had in the store were labeled aspen shavings.
Just don't use cedar and you'll be fine.

I use puppy training pads the first week, because as Ranchhand stated, they will often eat shavings at first, not knowing if they are food or not. THey can become impacted and die from this, so beware. A week is all you'll need to go without shavings, though; after that, they pretty much know that the food is the food!
I had the same problem when I bought my first bag of wood shavings at TSC. It wasn't labeled with what KIND of wood shavings, and I was getting really upset. But a year later and still using the wood shavings, I have never had a problem. At my TSC cedar shavings are sold in a seperate bag. I was just frustrated because the bag wasn't labeled with what type of wood shavings they were. Just make sure you smell them, to be on the safe side.

Good luck!

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