Question about showing and 4-H (pics attached)

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    Aug 15, 2009
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    I hope these questions are not stupid but I don't know who else to ask. I signed my 6 year old up for Poultry 4-H in the fall. They have had general meetings but no Poultry meetings. In fact no one in that club has contacted me at all. They even had a very large Poultry show near our town and still no contact. Anyway I have some calls to make tomorrow but here is where you guys come in. My daughter LOVES her birds. But she has a strong connection with 3 in particular. One is a 1/2 Cochin and 1/2 Silkie (Grape) and the other 2 are Buff Orpingtons (Tom and Jerry). They are all Pullets. She spends hours each day with these birds. She wants to show "Grape" but I have no idea if she can. I'm not sure how picky 4-H is when it comes to breeds. Since Grape is not a pure breed could she still show her? Grape is so calm and easy going I am hoping she can. Tom and Jerry are pretty calm but they are only 5 months old so they are young still. Here is some pictures of Grape: Is she show-able? I have NO IDEA what they look for. Please help a new chicken mom!

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    Grape can be used for showmanship, but will not fare well in exhibition as she is a cross. Tom and Jerry are more likely to fare well in exhibition if they are pure bred and not hatchery stock. They could also be used for showmanship.

    Have you contacted the club and asked why your daughter has been overlooked? Maybe her age? 4H begins at age 9, although there is sometimes a PeeWee program. The nearby poultry show may not have been affiliated with 4H.
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    Aug 15, 2009
    Modesto, California
    They had 4-H kids showing. [​IMG]
    But she is called a "clover bud" because of her age but they said she was fine to show at the county fair. I will make some calls tomorrow. That's great that Grape can be used for Showmanship. [​IMG]
    Thanks for your responce. [​IMG]
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    my daughter Kaylee is 7 she can not show 4-h until 8 here. She shows in the open class instead [​IMG].
    at an APA (American poultry association) show she shows JR. at the county fair a mix maybe used for showmanship. in an APA show they must be a pure bred. if you go post on your states thread there is probably somebody with a beginner show bird she could use cochins and silkies are great choices OEGB ( old english game bantams) are nice too they are small and easy to handle.
  5. mycutekitties

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    Aug 15, 2009
    Modesto, California
    Your daughter is so cute!
    We live in central California. [​IMG]
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    Our 4-H starts at 7 yrs old. We don't have Cloverbuds available. At county mine show in 4-H. State has a 9 yr old minimum age, so my youngest shows in the opens or Jrs.

    Another possibility on why you haven't been contacted about a poultry meeting, maybe they haven't had any. Our club hasn't had any poultry meetings in the 4 yrs we've been in poultry.

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