Question about Silkie Hen Fertility? Please help.


11 Years
Dec 27, 2008
My Silkie Hen (Diamond) hatched out 5 chicks on June 6th, She started back to laying again and I found her today with 14 of her own eggs under her she has been sitting for 3 days, Ive only seen her out for a few minutes each day, I went to get what few eggs I thought she had in there out and give her some fertile eggs from some of my EE hens. Turns out she had collected and was sitting on 14 I got them out and started to take them away and decided to check them and they appear fertile, with bullseye rings and very faint pink streaks at least the two I opened.' not sure of the rest, I know for a fact that she has not been bred in atleast 11 weeks, and she has only been with Zues ( Orpington Roo), and only when I was out side and her own 2 12week old sons. and I was out with them the whole time with her and Zues and I did not see him mount her, I did see him dancing and romancing her. LOL So how is this even possible? I thought the sperm would only last or fertilize eggs for about 2-3 weeks? It is possible that she was bred just before she hatched out her own chicks and I took her out and put her in the broody pen. Would the sperm have lasted that long since she was not laying at that point so that this batch of eggs could be fertilized?? Please help, Thanks Sandy.

PS I did see one of the Sons Dancing around his sister but it seems sooo early for actual breeding? And the girls are not laying yet.
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Just went and checked the sticky for fertilized eggs and they didn't have that many red lines ( veins) running through them, it was basically a short red streak in the middle of the yolk. It is not have the veins branching out like on the 72 hrs so maybe she hasn't been sitting for 3 complete days???
I'm going to let her keep these eggs for a few more days then candle them maybe on day 7 or rather in 7 more days that would mean shes been sitting for 10 days at that point. it is possible I miss read the eggs but I doubt it. But I'll give her the opportunity to sit and try and hatch out some more babies, I know she is a Silkie but I kinda feel bad for her wanting to set on eggs again so soon after raising up her current babies. Sheesh! She must have set eggs for 3 months til she finially got her current ones to hatch with me having to replace the unfertile eggs with fertile ones . She finally got 5 of her 6-7 eggs to hatch and took a 7 week break then went back to laying now she wants to do it all over again Wow. Is she going to be one of those permanently Broody hens?? Not that I mind It just doesn't sound too healthy really. and to make it worse she has 4 Sisters that are doing the exact same thing!
So thats the plan I guess ( give her til day 10 and see if the eggs are truely fertile and growing if not I will just quit letting her keep any eggs for a while, Will she stop being broody?? Or will she continue to sit on her imaginary eggs? if thats the case then I might as well at least make it worth her time and energy and give her babies, seems to be what makes her the happiest. Thanks Sandy

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