question about silver laced and gold laced colors


Feb 4, 2018
I don't know what this breed is called in English or if it is available in other countries but this breed is called papahænur or papahens her in Iceland.
they where brought to Iceland many years ago when some mungs came to Iceland and took this breed with them, that's why there called papahænur because papa is a one world that used for mung in iceland, so papa means mung :)
this is not the Icelandic hen, the Icelandic hen came with the viking but papahens came with mungs, but it is believed tho that the papa hen has mixed a little bit with the Icelandic hen tho.

but this color that my hens are in are not available in the Icelandic hen but the papahens often has this beautiful color (gold laced) and also sometime have the color silver laced.
I was think of getting some silver laced hens as well but how is it, can I mate this rooster that is gold laced with silver laced hens?
or would the outcome be silver roosters and gold hens? or would be any possibility that it would be 50/50 % chance that the be silver laced like the hen? or would I need a silver laced rooster to, to keep owning this color?


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Jan 19, 2018
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Breeding a Silver Laced hen to a Golden Laced rooster will only result in Silver Laced roosters and Golden Laced hens.
You need a silver rooster to have all silver offspring.


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If you breed a gold rooster to a silver hen, you will get gold hens, and roosters that are silver split for gold (meaning they have one gene for silver and one for gold). If you breed a rooster that is silver split for gold to a silver hen, you will get gold hens, silver hens, and silver roosters (some will be split and some will be pure silver). If you breed a rooster that is silver split for gold to a gold hen, you will get both hens and roosters in silver and gold (though the silver roosters will be split for gold).

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