Question about temperature during incubation of muscovy


13 Years
Aug 2, 2009
Southwestern Washington State
I'm new to incubating and have a "still air" incubator. I had it all set up and raring to go and had my collected eggs from my two hens and set them in there.

The incubator had been at a steady 99.5 degrees.

I went outside and worked for four hours. When i came inside, the temp inside the incubator was 103! I cooled it down to 99.5 but I'm wondering if those are.......soft boiled eggs?

Or still viable? I'm not very good at candling.

Would it be possible they are okay? they might not have been at 103 very long.
It can take hours for a high temp to effect the core of the egg - so since you had only just put them in - its unlikely that anything bad has happened to them in that time.
Oh thank you for answering! I was beginning to wonder if anyone did.

I'm so hoping to hatch some more muscovy, I love them. I've had trouble getting the hens to stay on the nest however, they have abandoned the eggs a couple times so this time I took them away for "safekeeping" and then heated them up like that. Sheesh. I only have two hens and one drake so I don't have a whole lot of fertile muscovy eggs at one time to work with. Some of these were over a week old but some folks had told me they had luck hatching them up to 20 days old.

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