Question about the anatomy of my polish roo? (Swollen preening gland?)

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    Aug 2, 2011
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    OK so i just figured out the "'bump" i was asking about earlier is the "preening gland" kinda a "doh!" moment >_>.
    Anywho i think his may be clogged because its kinda pinkish and maybe swollen? Does any one have a pic of a normal looking one for me to compare it to?
    I assume this isn't any issue that can be passed to other chickens am i right? Is there anything i can do to reduce the swelling if it is swollen?

    Please any responses would be appreciated.
    Hes been in quarantine and gotten over a respiratory issue about a month or so ago after i brought him to the vet.
    I just need to know what this is before i introduce him to any other chickens.
    If its something i need to treat, i have no problem doing so.
    We love him very very much so please help :]
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