Question about the nails on my Swedish drakes, and behavior

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    I have 3 Swedish drakes, and yesterday I was sitting out in the yard with all my birds (chickens and ducks live together) and we had just cleaned out the pool and refilled it, and every time we do that it's like Christmas morning to the ducks and they all jump in to swim and play. Well, I happened to look down at one of my drake's feet and I noticed that he has long nails, and the back nail has curled under. Are his nails suppose to be that long? Should I trim them? I need to move the Swedish because they are tormenting my Mallard hen. I have a Mallard pair, 3 Swedish drakes, one Swedish hen, 1 Call duck, 1 Cayuga/Runner drake baby, Swedish mixed hen baby, and 5 Cayuga/runner hen babies. I'm waiting for the girls to get big enough to be with the Swedish boys. I plan to move all the big ducks to the back coop and keep the Mallards and the Call together, and next year I'll get a few more Calls. But I don't want these Swedish boys puncturing my girls. I'm considering rehoming the 4 of them. Still debating on doing that. I don't have these problems with my Mallards and they were my first ducks. I bought the Swedish as ducklings in February, and no one told me how to sex them until AFTER I got them, and, well, I picked out 3 boys and a girl. Oops. That's why I bought the Cayuga/Runner mixes this summer, hoping they would help distract the Swedish boys and offer them the opportunity to have some ladies of their own, but they are frustrating me to no end. My Mallard hen won't come out of the coop if they are out in the yard. I know drakes can kill hens, especially small hens, so we chase them off of her or hose them when we see them go after her, and they run the other direction.

    About their behavior, should I rehome two of the boys, or all 3? If I keep a pair, I'll still move them to the other coop. The Cayuga/Runners, they could be pure Cayugas (Blue Cayugas). Will they be big enough to handle the Swedish boys? They're getting pretty big now, though some are bigger than others. What about the drake? Do I need to worry about him tearing up the girls too when he's full grown? Owning ducks (like owning chickens) is a learning process and I'm trying to absorb as much information as I possibly can. All I know is that right now, I want to ring the Swedish drakes' necks, they drive me nuts. The Mallard pair was here first and I don't want these boys tormenting my poor little Marion.

    If I move the Swedish now, will I have a problem if I put the Cayuga/Runners in with them later as far as the drakes fighting? What do I need to worry about? Right now the ducklings are in and about 6 to 8 weeks old. The Swedish are 7 months old. I guess I just need some duck guidance! Anyone?

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