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    Sep 11, 2010
    This morning I found one of my RSL dead in the nest box. So so sad poor girl. I felt like such a shmuck because as soon as I saw her I flashed to yesterday when I went in to get the eggs she was there kind of aside herself. I thought it strange but figured I didn't want to be pecked or squawed at so I closed the lid and went on my way. We went out later that afternoon and didn't return until 11:00 p.m. so I never checked on them.

    My question is (this is my first time with a loss) I had my dh take her out with gloves and turn her over. He pushed on her vent area bottom ish and fluid squished out. Does that mean she died from not passing her egg? Also her vent was slightly open like an eye lid but with a very meaty red tissue inside.

    I really just need to know so I can tell myself it was an egg and not something I've neglected to do for them. Also is there something that can be done to prevent an egg from getting bound?

    Thank you.

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