Question about Tylan and how to fatten my sick girl up?

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    Sep 2, 2010
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    My BO hen is currently taking Tylan for a respiratory infection. She received an injection of it from the vet last week, and is now receiving it in her water. I did order some more Tylan along with syringes online, and when it arrives I plan to inject it into her. I know we can't eat her eggs while she is taking the meds. But, can I hard boil the eggs and feed them back to her? She has lost some weight and I'd love to put some weight back on her. I assume that if I feed the eggs to her, we still can not eat any eggs she lays. But that's not a problem. My concern now is for her to recover and gain some weight. And it's such a shame to toss the eggs in the trash.

    Also, I'd love to find out what else I can feed her, to help her bulk up a little. BO hens shouldn't be skinny! LOL

    Thanks in advance!

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