Question about Vitamin E


10 Years
Aug 25, 2009
About 4 months ago one of my new chicks had wry neck-used polyvisol and vitamin e as recommended-she came through it fine-we built a new coop for her and another hen that had some other issues and just put them in together this week-they are both doing ok=but I notce the one thats had wry neck(Millie) is a little-how do I say "challenged" sometimes in her walking or coming down the ramp out of the coop-like shes trying to think about what shes doing first-I just didnt know if I should give her extra viamins in her water every so often or not-if I do can I just put it in there waterer-will it not be good for the other one-just want to make sure she didnt need anything xtra that I may be missing---and as usual thanks for all input---so grateful for this forum!!!!!
As long as the vitamins have no iron in them, the birds' bodies will only use what they need and flush the excess out through the kidneys into the waste. If you overdose the birds on Poly-Vi-Sol the only thing you will have to show for it is expensive poop. No worries. Vitamin E, on the other hand, is a fat soluble vitamin and cannot be flushed out by the body easily. Do not overuse this one. Give them no more than the recommended daily allowance for poultry.

Good luck.

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