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    I already posted this on BYH, but I'll ad it here too for more opinions.

    I have 2 Boers does and a pygmy doe that have about a half acre in the woods. They have eaten everything off the ground and 5ft up and the ground is dirt with some wild ferns that they refuse to touch. They are fed free-feed orchard grass and get a little scoop of grain a day( to keep them liking me. They also get some free-range time about once a week and all the tree branches we cut.

    I want to plant either grass or a mix of something this fall. They will be corralled for the winter so they will not have access to the area. The goats only nibble on grass when they get around it and mainly focus on the trees and brambles. This area will also be used for chickens when we let them free-range. The area they are in is completely wooded, but some parts get sun at times. The ground is extremely fertilized and moisture rich due to hundreds of years of leaf build up and composting. The ground is also on a hill so there the water drains through there. I live in South Central PA.

    It is mainly to make the area look better, but if we can pant something that the goats like, then that is a bonus too. I would prefer that we plant something that they will not tear up within the year. There is the no possibility of fencing a potion in and allowing rotations.

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