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10 Years
Jul 8, 2009
Detroit area
My gang is allowed to free range. They have access to our 10 acre farm, and even go visit the neighbors on occasion (I keep the neighbors supplied with free eggs as thanks for their tolerance). I've never had any problems, and they all return in the evening. They really enjoy running around outside, and they are always waiting for me at the door to their coop in the morning. I open the door, and they're off running. They do run to me when I call for them, because they know I've usually got some tasty treat for them.

Not only is their free-ranging good for me in the way of feed costs, but they really seem to be happiest when they're out running. I keep their feeder full of crumbles-do I need to get a different kind of feed for Winter? I'm new at this chicken owner thing, and this will be my first Winter. I'm really worried at the idea of having to keep them inside all Winter. I think they will be miserable. How much cold can they take? Is it ok to allow them to play outside, or do they have to stay in a heated coop? My hubby wants to install heated tile in their coop-is this necessary? Or are heat lamps sufficient?

Thanks in advance for your advice.
It would be very helpful to know where you are located...

There are a lot of threads already started about winterizing your flocks... you might try searching "how cold is too cold" under the topics.
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