Question about young ringneck doves

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    I have a large pen 20 x 30, that I keep 6 red golden pheasants in. I bought 5 pairs of ringneck doves last fall and released them into the pheasant pen and they have all got along great. Well one of the pair of doves hatched out two babies, I didn't even know they were setting! Anyway I went in the coop 3 days ago and these two young doves have flow the nest and are hiding behind a large stump in the coop. I watched them and saw that the pheasants were picking on them so I took them out yesterday and put them in my brooder building with food and water. They have not touched either that I have noticed. I have never raised dove babies and I am now wondering if they know how to eat and drink on their own. These are not tiny babies, actually they look half grown. What is the best thing to do for them? Any advice will be appreciated. thanks.
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    Isolate the young doves with their parents is the first thing that comes to mind.
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    i kept my ringneck doves in aviary with all sorts of birds, and they did fine when hang some cheap large white plastic flower pots with dry pine needles in the bottom, from top, or create house with one pot on top of other with hole just big enough for doves to comfortably get through, but not other birds, but they prefer open where other birds prefer enclosed usually. other birds never messed with except lovebirds that got in when gone one night, but every other bird seemed to leave them alone. you could get large ones and probly hang or clip over edges inside food and water till they get hang of and can fly, as they take a bit to get strong enough, as are not very good fliers anyway until build up strength and even then not so well.. but yes definately seperate the parents and chicks if theyre in in immediate danger.
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