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    So, I have a clutch of twelve chicks who hatched 2 weeks ago as of today, I noticed on day 2 there was a runt in the brood, he/she was way smaller then the rest of the chicks, and since there bantam chicks just imagine 1/2 the size of a bantam chick, that's so tiny!! I've notices day after day the chick isn't growing, but he/she is still alive my other chicks tripled in size and could fly about 1 foot now, and the "runt" barley started to grow his/hers wing feathers, today I've noticed he kept falling on his back as is something kept making him fall back, and he would just lay on his back struggling to get back up, he will kick and flap his wings to get back and if he managed to get back up he just falls back again, I'm really worried as to what's wrong with him/her.. Any advice/ideas? Thank you so much!!
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    [​IMG] would you recall if the tiny one had a difficult hatching? There is always a BIG one and a SMALL one in any hatch - the rest seem to be sized in between. Is the little one getting enough to eat & drink, or do the big ones shut him out. I have a feeling he isn't getting enough and the struggle with the others makes him too tired to even try.

    He would probably do better away from them, they probably run into him or trample him several times a day which really wears him out. Get him some Polyvisol infant drops (NO IRON) and give him 2 drops 3 times a day - on food you know he will eat, so put the drops just inside his beak so he can decide to swallow them if he doesn't like it.

    He would probably like hard boiled, finely mashed egg yolk moistened with a bit of plain yogurt.
    If you separate him to a quiet, warm area he is likely to gain some strength & energy. If he has no injury to legs or feet, he should gradually develop control over them. Give him a small stuffed animal to cuddle with, and if he is lonely a little mirror so he thinks he has a friend. Make sure he has a warm end and cooler end to his enclosure, so he can lay where he feels most comfortable.

    If he has a water dish put clean stones or glass pebbles(from hobby store) in the dish to prevent accidental drowning . Do you have a photo of him so we can see what's going on there? When you have the chance carry him pressed against your body- to keep him warm - the movement will stimulate his circulation. Chicks that get special attention often end up the most sociable and baring any internal problems he can eventually catch up to his siblings in size and vigor. I hope you will give him the chance.

    He may need his chick starter food ground up smaller so he can eat it. It's common in bantam breeds to do this until they are big enough to handle regular pellets or mash.
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    Drumstick Diva has said it all! I would definitely separate this one out from the others and keep him under a heat lamp. He is way too tiny to be out with the others and needs a boost. As Drumstick Diva has mentioned, get some vitamins in him, some hard boiled eggs, (this is great emergency food for babies and can save their can also be fed exclusively for a while if this is all they will eat), and give him time. I have seen lots of runts grow up to be healthy active birds. But they need a bit more TLC in the beginning. Vitamins can do wonders in a matter of 24 hours for weak chicks or ones that are falling over backwards.

    Good luck with your baby and enjoy BYC!
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    Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan [​IMG]

    Sometimes a chick hatches that has some internal defect that prevents them from utilizing nutrients that do not come from the yolk. These chicks do fine until the yolk is used up, then just do not grow well, and usually die. Do not feel too bad if your efforts are unsuccessful in saving this chick.
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    Hello and welcome to BYC. Good luck with the little one.
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    Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Sorry about your chick, hope it turns around. You got some great advice from drumstick diva and TwoCrows. Unfortunately, like 1muttsfan said, some chicks have problems you can't see and just aren't able to make it.
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    Some chicks are born with congenital problems and just fail to thrive. Good luck at saving it, but the realistic prognosis is not favorable.
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    I would suggest that you keep the tiny chick away from the bigger ones in case they're the ones who are causing the trouble. Make sure he eats and drinks everyday. That's all the advice I can give, sorry, I'm not very good with these kinds of things because I know that I might suggest something that will make it worse.
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