question bout my buff orpington hen


8 Years
Apr 22, 2011
my buff orpington hen 2 yrs old. this morning when i let them out she was making a sound with her breathing. i will do my best to describe it. it is like a huhhhh sound when she breathes in and wah when she breathes out. is this a cold also she is sneezing a little now. her breathing doesnt seem to be affected. also i kept her inside my home last night (she is a pet) she is in here today she really wants to go out but there a cold front come through (live in alabama) and its raining. just thinking it maynot be a good idea for her to go out in it. any suggestions. i know this probably shouldnt be posted here but i just needed some advice.

Certainly sounds respiratory. At this point, I would use VetRX to simply help her be comfortable while her immune system kicks the problem. If it gets worse, antibiotics should be considered. Keep us updated.
thanks i went ahead with the antibiotics tonight. i wanted something that would get in her system and get her well pretty quick I HOPE. i was told i could use baby vicks. she does sound better and hasnt made that noise but this morning.
Letting her out with the other chickens really depends on what she has. If it's something infectious, you wouldn't want her around the other chickens. What antibiotic are you using?

You could let her out in a different area of the yard if you feel she needs some outside time.

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