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    I am aware of the genetics of blue, what produces what color. So of you breeders, what color are your roos? Do you keep a splash, blue, or black? Which combinations give you the best colors. Is there any difference in a blue from a splash and a black, or a blue and a blue? Do you keep only a certain color for your hens or roos, or do you keep all 3 colors? I guess in general, how do you manage your blue flocks?
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    My rooster is black, and I have one blue and one splash hen. The blues produced from the black x blue should have a better more solid color with better lacing. The black x splash will probably not have as nice of lacing or dark color, but they produce 100% blues, which I like.

    If you keep breeding just blues to blues, you will have a light color with no lacing.
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