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    Jul 8, 2010
    I have a 1 1/2 year old male canary. He doesn't sing much and am considering getting a second male that sings a lot. I am hoping they will stimulate each other to sing.

    I can get a flight cage, dimensions:
    • Cage Height - Top to Bottom: 47
    • Cage Width - Side to Side: 36
    • Cage Depth - Front to Back: 22
    They claim two - three canaries can be put in it. But does that mean only hens for the other canaries in it or would it be big enough for two males to safely be in it?

    I do have two separate cages that each are 24 wide, 20 long and 30 tall. But it would sure be nice to be able to cut down to only one cage.
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    You can run two canaries in a bigger cage. They will encourage each other best if kept singly. One of them might intimidate the other. Is he molting? A molting bird will usually not sing. A wide variety of good food is the main thing for canaries to be healthy. Make sure you are buying the best canary seed mix possible. Basically a singing male is in breeding condition. There are a lot of seed mixes that leave canaries needing supplementation as they are insufficient in nutrition. Some hard boiled egg a couple times a week helps bunches to raise their condition, as does a good assortment of fresh greens and fruit. Shredded carrots, apples, chick weed, kale, romaine, broccoli, etc are good. No avocado as they are risky due to the nut cover and the peeling being poison to them. It is best to avoid it completely and not take a chance. There are some really good books with great information in them, but, a lot more can be learned if you can find a canary club with breeders who are successful. You also might try getting a canary singing tape/cd to encourage your bird to sing. Do not use bug spray, burn candles, air fresheners, keep a bird in the kitchen, etc. The elements that float in the air get into their air sacs and damage them. Same thing with the smoke and moist air from cooking. Best wishes, Bonnie
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    How do you know its a male??? My experience with canaries is that males sing. A Canary that you only hear sing once in a while such as just after molt...or in early spring is a female!!!! Of course if you put another male in the cage with a female you will soon find this out. The cage is indeed large enough for 2 males. (or male and female) If the bird is bright alert and eating and drinking good and is male he should be singing unless he is molting.
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    Our canary Gabby used to sing his heart out every day. He had a beautiful voice and was the only bird we had then.

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