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Jul 7, 2007
West Michigan
We planted peas on 3/20. The conditions seemed perfect, and they've had a good amount of rain. But they're not even beginning to come up. Is there any chance they still will? Or did we get bad seeds?
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I would try digging up a small spot and see if the seed is there or has rotted away. I know here in WI we are just now getting to see our gardens with all the snow. How have you as a neighbor been able to plant? Are you sure you have had temps that will start the seeds-we haven't.
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Well, let me start by saying that we're very much amateur gardeners. But the directions said to plant the seeds "as soon as you can."

We had a warm spell, and have beautiful a beautiful garden area which has done fabulously for the past three years. The soil was perfectly loose/thawed when we planted. We had several inches of snow a couple of days later, but it slowly melted over the seeds. I figured it was perfect. Our temps have been in the 40-50s pretty steadily, with 60s a couple of days ago. I thought for sure, that they'd peek out then.

I know that our "zone" is one number higher than others at our latitude, because we have the warming effect of Lake Michigan (I think the surrounding area is 5, and we're considered 6).
we live in a 5a zone in Mahoning county. I asked a lady at the plant store and she told me i should wait until memorial day to plant. When i looked at the QVc/cottage farms planting zone guide it said it was safe for plants the 1st week of may. If it didnt work maybe you could start them out in the house in those jiffy pots
For peas? My chart says peas and beets (and a few select cold-hardy plants) should be planted 3/20. If you wait until Memorial day to plant peas, they'll shrivel on the vine when it gets hot (so I'm told).
I'm in zone 7b (with warmer winter temps than 5 I believe)... although often zone's don't mean much... I won't be planting my snow peas for another few weeks. They say once the ground is workable, but I find the soil here is still so cold and wet the seeds just rot. Our average last frost date is something like april 25. So I wait till The end of april to put the peas out and the end of may to put tomatoes out, but that is just here. Our summers are not too hot, averaging in the 70's. Look at what kinds of weeds are growing in your area to judge when to plant. Asking neighbors might also help. I don't put anything out if I don't see weed sprouts starting to come from the soil. A few weeks after i see the first weed sprouts covering things is when I put out the cold season plants. I figure the wild plants will have a better "feeling" for what the temps will be.

For my peas, I also like to soak them for a few days in a tray with water. That lets me know aprox what the germination rate is and how many are getting eaten by bugs, drowned, or chilled to death when they start to come up.

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